Inspection Gauges


We think that the coating process is fascinating because of the detail-oriented approach that must be taken every time. We love the challenge of solving coating problems.

DECO can marry your color dream to your creation. Color options are a nearly unlimited color palette. We offer crossover liquid coatings with the appearance of Kynar and powder, but with better performance. DECO will work with your ideas to create the vision of color, texture, and performance you want to achieve.

It is one thing to dream a color. It is another, to apply that color on the substrate and have a final product that is a color that matches. We offer products that maintain their color and stay vibrant longer for years to come even in high UV exposure areas.

Facts matter. That is why we continually perform case studies on different substrates using a variety of products. Through research and discovery, we are always finding new ways to better our performances and products. These documented results give you the best asset protection and color retention for performance within the given environment.

DECO Collaborates with your team to find solutions to challenges. Let us be your resource. DECO Method provides accelerated project delivery using our exclusive Deliver Early Coating Options, which are available for shop and field work.

What are the DECO Advantages?

  • Delivers quality control and assurance with inspection reports
  • Liquid Coating Engineers
  • Cutting edge technology for preparation and application
  • Nearly limitless color palette
  • No fade color in high UV exposure
  • Mockup test samples