ESTABLISHED IN 1992. DECO has over two decades of industry experience. We pre-plan each project, communicate thoroughly with field/shop, management staff and integral partners every step of the way.

DECO facilities are opening and working 24/7, over-time, and on weekends and holidays. Offering the highest level of client services, DECO Coatings believes in working toward the customer needs and much as deadlines. Each tech on-site has been highly trained with top-safety guidelines and precision techniques. Each project is cared for with the utmost professionalism and commitment to greatness. DECO manages each detailed aspect of the job and is focused on growing with the community.  

DECO Coatings is an innovative company that offers personal attention and prides themselves on excellence. Their personal attention to customers and their consultative approach is one of their greatest strengths.
— Laura Sniadecki, A. G. Maas Company

TRACEABILITY, A HIGH LEVEL NICHE MARKET. QC/QA cutting edge traceability technology includes electronic cloud based devices to measure blast profile, mil thickness, climatic conditions, photo gallery, batches, and real time detailed progress reports to the owner/stakeholder. We are proud to be COATING NERDS. Our technicians are trained in safety, technology, and the latest application techniques.

PREPARATION IS KEY. In fact, a large reason for a coatings failure is due to insufficient surface preparation. That is why we invest in technology that will give you a full analysis of your surface and coatings.

MOCKUPS ARE PROVIDED. We test for adhesion, durability, and aesthetic appearance. We measure important factors such as the work environment, product, substrates, mil thickness, climatic conditions, etc., to ensure our coating work provides the best protection and service in the environment where it will be used. In fact, DECO Coatings is one of the very few operations of our kind in the Midwest that is trained in and utilizes a cloud based technology to document comprehensive reports to guarantee quality control and quality assurance.

OUR CUSTOMERS LOVE US. We provide value engineering. This means that we will work directly with you to find ways to uncover costs savings without cutting corners and affecting quality.

We are the number one specialists in... 

 •Blasting  Zinc  Duplex  Fluoropolymers Intumescent Acrylic  Epoxies  Urethanes  Exotic  Thermal

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One of the biggest creative issues for architects are limitations of color options for finishes with Kynar and powder coatings. DECO solves this problem by offering an unlimited color palette...



 From simple shop primer to complicated coating systems, just ship directly to us at our convenient Drive Thru and Drop. Our secure facility is gated with a full camera security system...



Why do contractors choose us? Because our team can take traditional field coating items directly from the fabricator (primarily metal) into our climate-controlled warehouse to finish coats...


Whether it is forecasting budgets or working holidays and after hours, we can help.  Regardless of your project size, we can make it easy by breaking it into phases if needed...