EMPLOY INDY on DECO Coatings’s Campus Trade School The Crossing

Why People Love Working at DECO Coatings

We wanted to get people excited about the opportunities at DECO and to give them a glimpse into our DECO family. So we grabbed our Go Pro and went into the field to ask our Coating Nerds what they liked about working at DECO Coatings.
— Laura Blechl

Press Release via DECO Coatings, partnered with The Crossing (School of Business & Entrepreneurship)

Janet South of DECO Coatings gives some Quick Tips to Coatings Pro Magazine

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Janet South gives a Quick Tip to Coatings Pro Magazine on specialty coatings for beams.


Janet South on NAWBO

Asked how NAWBO has impacted her personally, and professionally, Janet shared her experience with the readers…


"Marketing an Industrial Paint Company" BY KIRBY SOUTH

(JCPL Magazine, "The voice of SSPC")

DECO Coatings won 3rd place in the "Industrial Steel" category for the

2018 Contractor Awards this year!

contractor awards 2018 3rd place winners