You’ve got a business to run. You need a partner that understands budgeting, operations and quick turnaround. Our experienced team will work directly with you to resolve existing coating concerns. The cheapest price can be the most costly end.

Time, quality, and cost are the core components that drive every project. Whether it is forecasting budgets or working holidays and after hours, we can help. Sometimes projects are not linear. Regardless of your project size, we can make it easy by breaking it into phases if needed.

The DECO Method provides accelerated project delivery using our exclusive Deliver Early Coating Options. Our application methods use the latest technology for quality control and quality assurance measures. Field applications are more costly. DECO will research and evaluate the best options for your needs.

Safety first. Field projects require higher risk assessment due to ongoing operations. Safety concerns are not just for workers, but for equipment and other placed assets. Application methods are crucial in determining how the job can be executed.

Our trained applicators have continual coating knowledge and hands-on training as an ongoing standard operating procedure. We take the time to research and identify the function, environment and conditions in which the coatings will be used.

DECO Advantages:

  • Safety-first environment
  • Rapid response communication
  • Quality control and assurance
  • Asset protection analysis
  • Budgeting, repair and maintenance projections
  • Delivery of safety and work plans
  • Environmental Plan (field work)
  • Deliver closeout documents, including operation and maintenance manuals
  • Daily reports from mobilization through demobilization
  • Coating warranty
We will present a comprehensive proposal including scope of work, process specifications, safety/work/quality plan, and schedule. Our knowledge and experience in the industrial coatings field helps us identify potential trouble areas and find innovative solutions to complete work on time, under budget, and with the highest level of quality and safety.