Shop Coating Advantages

Preparing & painting ahead of field erection provides full access to the complete substrate for both trade work and inspection purposes.

How Shop Coating
in-house creates
better outcomes on projects...

  • Reduces project duration and shrinks critical path
  • Impedes corrosion
  • Maximize asset lifecycle
  • Application as per manufacturer recommendations – controlled environment
  • Coating compatibility
  • Quality control and Quality assurance process and conformity
  • Increased productivity in manufacturer type production facility
  • Reduces jobsite construction traffic – increased production for other trades
  • Reduces jobsite safety risks – less workers and equipment at jobsite
  • Eliminates worksite rework damage
  • Accelerates project schedule with finished items to install
  • Job management improvement for shop and field
  • Eliminates worksite construction waste

SSPC QP3 coating applicator is preferred:
  • There is a reason for double check system and third-party audits on vital functions with finances and other critical metrics: it works to ensure quality
  • It is a required continuous improvement process which keeps project quality evolving even when the specification is not formally altered
  • It says a lot about who you’re partnering with